Happy Anniversary Dear

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For most reasonably well-adjusted married folks, this greeting only comes about once a year. Could this modest little introduction to the little anniversary flowers ogden shop remind the reader of the old stereotype. Because that is just all it is. It is only a stereotype. No decent gentleman who loves his wife very much indeed forgets their wedding anniversary. And no matter what he may have planned for her later that evening, it has always been a long-standing tradition for the loving man to present the truly fortunate but highly devoted wife with her rather lovely bundle of red roses.

A rather extravagant gift indeed because no matter in what form they have been purchases, roses are rather expensive indeed. Those poor fellows who continue to have their purse strings nibbled due to the more important matters of maintaining and keeping up the household tend to go in for the carnations. The color is red, the traditional color of red. And did you know that at the altar of marriage, the traditional color of the blushing bride’s gown was also red, in different hues, of course. Not lily or pearly white, red.

White roses are beautiful too. The doting florist does not mind recommending a mixed bunch. Yes, do that then. Overwhelm your spouse with an entire bouquet of different colors. And it does not always have to be roses and carnations, you know. There are literally hundreds of other fine plant species to pick from if you will. A friendly favorite has always been the sunny yellow sunflower. If the hardy bees love it then you cannot go wrong.

Finally, just remember, the anniversary is not the only occasion for sending out flowers. And why not make the floral gift an everyday occasion. Is that not possible?